We are slowly opening up classes again, and accepting new students. Adjusted of course for COVID.

Live classes, for the time being, will be held outside on the back landing of the studios. Students will be required to wear masks. Space is limited so it is important to let us know if you wish to come so we can be sure we have space. If not, we will schedule an additional session of that class to accommodate people. Current and new students are welcome to these classes.

We are also holding zoom classes. Teaching via zoom is a little different so if you are a new student who wants to learn via zoom please send us a message and we will schedule your initial class, perhaps with a couple of other new students. Then you can join a regular class.

Live Classes 

Xing-Yi/Bagua, Wed, 7-9pm 

Ying Jow, Thurs 7-9pm

Bai Yuan Tong Bei, Fri 7-9pm

Tai Chi, Mon, 6-7pm; Sat noon-1pm

Zoom Classes

Kid's Capoeira, Wed 5-6pm

Xing-Yi/Bagua Sat 2-4pm

Kid's Kung Fu Sun noon-1pm

Ying Jow Sun 1-3pm

If you are interested in styles we teach but are not on the schedule, or have any other questions or comments, please send us a message.

You are welcome to come by and try out or observe a class at no charge to see if you like it. You may do this one for each style. There are no contracts or other such financial commitments or obligations. Multiple and per class rates are available.